Unleash Your FULL Entrepreneurial Potential 1:1 Coaching for High Performance

The best athletes in the world surround themselves with world class coaches to help guide, motivate, coach, and hold them accountable to greatness, yet more entrepreneurs go at it alone. It's time for you to engage a coach that has walked in your shoes and has experienced massive failure and success.

My Coaching Commitment

I am committed to working with high-performing entrepreneurs who are seeking to not only build the business of their dreams but those who also aspire to live a life of abundance.

In addition to running my own enterprise, I am committed to working 1:1 only with those that will commit fully to the coaching process and only with those to which we can achieve amazing results.

Together we will achieve results that will generate a significant ROI for you and your business as our relationship will be focused on one main component... getting you and your business to play the game of life and business at 100%!

It's Time To Take Control of Your Business and Your Life!

John's experience as an entrepreneur and leader has guided businesses and teams to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes he made while growing two companies to over $50M each over the past 20 years. John's personalized and customized 1:1 coaching program guides entrepreneurs to take control of their lives and business plans. His ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs around the globe build the business of their dreams while avoiding the many pitfalls of business growth.

Unlock Remarkable Personal and Business Success!

How it works

In addition to becoming a coach, I work with entrepreneurs to have complete clarity on their True North Life Plan, their Strategic Business Plan, ensuring they follow the 7 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success, and help provide them with the mentorship, connections, expert advisors, training, and a vast resource network to boost your growth.

Minimum Criteria

My passion, experience, and success in coaching entrepreneurs are specifically tailored for those with businesses poised for significant growth. Ideally, the business has a minimum annual revenue of $1 million and an ambition and ability to scale the business significantly over the next 3-5 years!

ROI Guarantee

Should we decide to work together, my immediate focus will be ensuring a substantial ROI through the coaching relationship. After the first three months, if you find that this relationship has not provided, or will not offer, you or your business an ROI, we will refund all of your money and cancel the coaching relationship

Application Process

Schedule a FREE 30-min consultation so we can learn more about each other and determine if there is a mutual fit and connection. I want to ensure that you are interested in achieving your personal and professional dreams and most importantly want to make sure that you feel that I can help you accomplish them!

Take You And Your Business To The Next Level

In order to win at the game of life and business, entrepreneurs must be playing at 100%. Having a coach that has experienced proven business growth, adversity, failure, and personal and professional achievements will help guide and motivate you to achieving all of your life's goals.

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Who do you have in your corner motivating you, mentoring you, guiding you, and yes, holding you accountable to achieve YOUR goals? A strong coach provides a structured environment to hold you accountable for your goals, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your desired targets.

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Different Perspective

By having a 1:1 coach that has "been there, done that", you gain access to a different perspective to help you overcome situations to which you need guidance. This perspective will offer you fresh insights and innovative ideas to help you and your company grow.

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Through the process of building multiple companies over the past 20 years, I have built a vast network of professionals, advisors, consultants, and other entrepreneurs that will expand your network, opening doors to new partnerships, collaborations, advisors, and business opportunities that are vital for reaching your financial goals.

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1:1 mentorship from a proven entrepreneur is key to unlocking your growth potential. There is a lot of information out there, but when you find the right mentor who cares about you as a person, they can customize the information to meet your needs exactly when you need it!

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Education & Skill Development

In addition to routine coaching, I will work with entrepreneurs to share resources, ideas, contacts, and leverage all of my resources and connections available, increasing the speed to to achieve your objectives.

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Motivation & Inspiration

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job. Interacting with coach who also is on the entrepreneurial journey, is extremely ambitious and like-minded, will boost your motivation and provide the inspiration needed to tackle ambitious growth targets.

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Problem Solving

When you encounter obstacles on your journey to growing your business, you can count on having a coach there by your side to perform collective problem-solving on demand as we seek to find effective solutions.

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Risk Mitigation

Discussing your strategies and plans on an ongoing basis will help us work to identify potential risks and pitfalls, allowing you to proactively address them and reduce the likelihood of setbacks as you grow.

About John's Book The $100M Journey

The $100 Journey will guide you through the treacherous terrain of entrepreneurship. We'll examine the catastrophic mistakes that have led countless entrepreneurs, including myself, to lose everything they have built. But more importantly, we'll uncover the 7 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success that will empower you to rise above the odds and create the business of your dreams.

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Rave Reviews

John's Message is Humble, Practical, Personal—and It's Proven

“Having been both a witness and mentor to John’s relentless pursuit of growth and success firsthand, his insights go beyond just theoretical guidance. His message is humble, practical, personal—and it’s proven.”

Charlie Chase
CEO - California Closets

I'm thankful for the advice, guidance, and mentorship offered by John

I’m thankful for the advice, guidance, and mentorship offered by John. His invaluable insights and constant encouragement played and continue to play a crucial role in my effective transition to a new career. Throughout this journey, John has been a reliable companion, offering expertise and sincere care at every stage and I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Jason Mitchell
CEO and Co-Founder of Financial Wing

John Genuinely Cares

“John has a unique ability to hold up a mirror to my face when necessary, while at the same time offering meaningful support when I’m really struggling.  His coaching has helped me clarify my thinking on everything from business problems to personal life and my quest to build wealth.  John genuinely cares about people and derives true satisfaction from helping others succeed.  His passion is contagious and his ability to diagnose situations is uncanny.  I consider myself lucky to be coached by John and intend to continue to engage him for years to come.”

Steve Hearon
President BrandPoint Services


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