$100M Partners


To The Partners

Special thanks to the following partners whose invaluable support has made The $100M Journey possible.


These companies, entrepreneurs, and advisors contain a wealth of knowledge and experience that assist you and your business!

Rhombus Group

Founded in 2003, Rhombus Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence across diverse industries. With a focus on fostering and implementing forward-thinking solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses, the Rhombus Group has carved a niche for itself in helping companies achieve their ambitious business goals. Guided by a vision of sustainable growth, the group continues to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, creating a legacy of success and resilience.

Entrepreneurs United

Through weekly conversations with entrepreneurs from across the globe sharing their biggest learnings and experiences with fellow professionals, Entrepreneurs United is committed to helping entrepreneurs and their successful businesses see another way to GROWTH, CAPITAL, and most importantly...LIQUIDITY.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs solve problems and provide them with solutions to grow, gain access to capital, and get liquidity for their business all without losing control of their business.

IOI Ventures

IOI Ventures offers a unique approach for small businesses. Our digital marketing experts are matched to fit your needs, essentially creating a plug-and-play marketing arm for your business but without the high price tags and load of internal hires. With a lot of experience in youth sports and hospitality, we offer cutting-edge, ROI-driven marketing solutions powered by a team that has your best interest at heart. Both strategic and tactical in nature, we're rooted in sales and passionate about digital marketing and know how to make them high-five each other all year long.

Financial Wing

Financial Wing exists to improve the financial health of small businesses.

Financial Wing, LLC improves the financial lifestyle of small businesses and the entrepreneurs that run them. By identifying strategic financial opportunities, mitigating risks, providing timely & accurate monthly financial reports and dashboards, we help businesses make better decisions.

BrandPoint Services

BrandPoint Services is a licensed general contractor that acts as a single-point of contact, providing facility services and solutions supporting spaces for multi-site commercial clients across the United States and Canada. We work with some of the largest brands in North America, managing their facility maintenance services, remodeling projects, refresh programs, as well as construction needs. We combine what, who, how and why to deliver projects and programs through a single point of contact that ensures operational execution and simplicity.

Pellucid Travel

Pellucid Travel is a full-service sports housing agency, focused on making good things happen for other people.

Pellucid Travel creates easy processes, clear and transparent communication, and the knowledge and experience to find you the right housing solutions.

JOA Publishing

JOA Publishing is changing the landscape for authors by breaking all the rules and creating an incubator of authors looking to change the world.

JOA Publishing believes that when authors' share the messages that are deep in their hearts... THEY are LIBERATED. And as readers read these messages, THEY are LIBERATED. Every book that JOA publishes with deep intention. To transform the world. 


HBK is a multidisciplinary financial services firm, offering the collective intelligence of professionals committed to delivering exceptional client service across a wide range of tax, accounting, audit, business advisory, valuation, financial planning, wealth management and support services from offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Florida.

United Insurance

United Insurance began as a single, local agency with a commitment to always do the right thing. Since 1868, our core values have remained the same: focus on exceptional customer service, provide expert insurance knowledge, and always present honest and fair solutions.