Build Your Strategic Business Plan Full Day Workshop For Entrepeneurs And Management Teams

Does your business have complete clarity of its mission, vision, BHAG, long and short terms goals, key performance indicators, capital strategy, and top 5 objectives on one piece of paper?! This workshop is designed to provide you and your business with incredible clarity and action steps!

My Commitment Return On Investment Guaranteed!

Think about it. We are faced with numerous opportunities within our businesses every day. Those who win in the long run stick to their defined Strategic Plan and say “no” to these unlimited opportunities because they realize they have limited resources (people, money, time). The best entrepreneurs protect their businesses—and their resources—from these unlimited opportunities by being disciplined in sticking closely to their Strategic Plan.

As entrepreneurs, we are inherently challenged by the proverbial “Shiny Object Syndrome.” This can be controlled and eliminated with clarity, focus, and patient ambition.

Developing a 1-page Strategic Plan for your business can be very rewarding. It is amazing to see and feel a team's clarity when, after a full 8-hour-day session, they have an entire Strategic Plan for the next 3, 5, and 10 years of the business—right in front of them. It's magical!

"Strategy Is About Deploying Limited Resources To Maximize An Unlimited Amount Of Opportunities." —Unknown

Take You And Your Business To The Next Level

Having a Strategic Plan that provides both short-term and long-term clarity for the business is essential to getting your entire team on the same page as you drive your business to reach its goals.

How it works

Prior to the in person workshop, we will coduct 3 pre-workshop calls to make sure that we get a full understanding from the entrepreneur(s) on what success looks like, who will be included in the session, gain some perspective on the business's past 3 years, and an idea of the entrepeneur(s) goals and dreams with the business.

The full 8+ hour day workshop (followed by a team dinner) is hosted at either your office or a remote off-site location. As moderator, I will walk your team through the Strategic Planning Process that has guided me and our team of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to building a $100M+ business, the right way! 

About the Book The $100M Journey

The $100 Journey will guide you through the treacherous terrain of entrepreneurship. We'll examine the catastrophic mistakes that have led countless entrepreneurs, including myself, to lose everything they have built. But more importantly, we'll uncover the 7 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success that will empower you to rise above the odds and create the business of your dreams.

Rave Reviews

Packed with Actionable Strategies for Entrepreneurs

“This book is packed with actionable strategies for entrepreneurs who want to build and grow a business sustainably without repeating the same mistakes others have made. Every business leader needs this book in their library.”

Rich Hoffmann
Co-Host EU Podcast

Insights Beyond Just Theoretical Guidance

“The $100M Journey is not just another business book. Having been both a witness and mentor to John’s relentless pursuit of growth and success firsthand, his insights go beyond just theoretical guidance. It’s humble, practical, personal—and it’s proven.”

Charlie Chase
CEO California Closets

Start Here, and Pay Attention

“John is a savvy entrepreneur, an intrepid adventurer, and a compelling storyteller. He has given us an inside look at the sometimes perilous and scary journey on the road of starting, growing, scaling, and ultimately conquering the mountain of the business visionary. If you want to grow your dream in the business sense, start here, and pay attention.”

Kellan Fluckiger
10x Amazon International Bestselling Author, Creator of "The Results Equation."


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