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Your Guide To Growing The Business Of Your Dreams Without Going Off The Cliff

The $100M Journey will guide you through the treacherous terrain of entrepreneurship. We'll examine the catastrophic mistakes that have led countless entrepreneurs, including myself, to lose everything they have built. But more importantly, we'll uncover the 7 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success that will empower you to rise above the odds and create the business of your dreams.

It's time for entrepreneurs to have a new perspective. It's time to shatter the illusions and embrace a bold, no-nonsense approach to building the business you have always envisioned.

No Shadow Book

The $100M Journey

7 Principles Of Entrepreneurial Success

The $100M Journey provides invaluable lessons, knowledge, strategies, and tools for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking wealth and freedom from building their business assets.

What You'll Learn

The $100M Journey is an inspiring and thought-provoking read about an entrepreneur's wild journey and turnaround. It is written for entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who seek to achieve their wildest dreams of entrepreneurship while navigating growth challenges and avoiding potential failures.

After making fatal errors in aggressively growing a business, John was fired from the company he cofounded after 15 years of building it to over $50M in global revenues. The author took this failure as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes, find his True North, and develop a Strategic Plan with 7 Principles that he used to effectively and successfully grow a business to over $100M, the right way!

  • How to Protect and Grow Your Equity
  • How to Build Your Own Capital
  • How to Reinvest Smartly
  • How to Build a Culture of Intrapreneurship
  • How to Protect the House
  • How to Access Owner’s Liquidity
  • How to Move From CEO to Chairperson

“The belief is that as you scale the company and increase your dream team, prospects, and resources – things should get easier, but they don’t. Things actually get harder and more complicated." - Verne Harnish | Author of Scaling Up!

Beyond the Book


John is not just a proven business leader; he's also a seasoned public speaker. With a wealth of real business experience and insight, he is a great choice for your upcoming conference, workshop, or events. John's dynamic and engaging speaking style captivates audiences, making complex concepts easy to understand. His customized programs are perfect for leadership teams and business owners.


Join the elite few and secure your spot in the exclusive $100M Mastermind for entrepreneurs. With the $100M Mastermind, you have the opportunity to join a community of top-tier entrepreneurs who push and motivate one another, while surrounded by support in making informed choices, becoming leaders, and attaining superior outcomes.

1:1 Coaching

John's 1:1 Coaching is a personalized journey for entrepreneurs seeking to build the business and life of their dreams. Through deep understanding and tailored guidance, he empowers entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles, amplify their strengths, and unlock their full potential. John's 1:1 coaching sessions are a transformative experience designed to help you achieve your unique aspirations.

Strategic Planning Workshop

Unleash your full business potential with a Strategy Planning Workshop designed to create extreme clarity around your businesses mission, vision, and BHAG. John's full day Strategic Business Planning Workshops will empower your team with a clear 3 year roadmap to make the right decisions for lasting value creation.

About John St. Pierre

An accomplished entrepreneur with an incredible depth of experiences from both significant failures and successes. John has cofounded and led two companies to over $50M+ in global revenues. One of which he lost dramatically, while the other successfully grew to $100M+ by implementing his entrepreneurial learnings. Empowering others on the Entrepreneurs United podcast, John is a trusted investor, speaker, and mentor seeking to help entrepreneurs grow the business of their dreams while avoiding the many pitfalls of business growth.

John St.Pierre

Rave Reviews

Packed with Actionable Strategies for Entrepreneurs

“This book is packed with actionable strategies for entrepreneurs who want to build and grow a business sustainably without repeating the same mistakes others have made. Every business leader needs this book in their library.”

Rich Hoffmann
Co-Host EU Podcast

Insights Beyond Just Theoretical Guidance

“The $100M Journey is not just another business book. Having been both a witness and mentor to John’s relentless pursuit of growth and success firsthand, his insights go beyond just theoretical guidance. It’s humble, practical, personal—and it’s proven.”

Charlie Chase
CEO California Closets

Every Leader Needs to Devour This

“John & I both cut our teeth in business 30 years ago at College Pro Painters. His book is a must-read, packed with actionable strategies for entrepreneurs who want to sustainably build and grow a business without repeating the same mistakes we’ve both made. Every leader needs to devour this”

Cameron Herold
Author of Vivid Vision

An Outstanding Read

“An outstanding read that will help management navigate business obstacles and provide proven techniques to uplift Profit, Cash and Value.”

Alan Miltz
Co-author Scaling Up by Verne Harnish (Cash Component), Co-Founder Cash Flow Story used in 96 Countries globally

'Failure' Can Be a Momentary Re-Direction

“Failure…it’s such a harsh word that many of us seem to fear and avoid. The Author of the $100M Journey takes us on a personal journey showing that ‘Failure’ can be a momentary re-direction leading us to learn and grow, while providing an opportunity for greater success and satisfaction on our own personal journey.”

Jeff Wall
CEO of Handyman Connection

Valuable and Inspiring Resource

“An incredibly valuable and inspiring resource packed with actionable strategies for successful business practices. An absolute must-read for anyone in the entrepreneurial space.”

Rande Somma

GPS Guide to the Promised Land

“You can’t get to your destination without embarking on the correct journey. John’s book provides a better than GPS guide to the promised land for every hopeful entrepreneur. John reminds us that if we fall flat on our face, then we are at least falling forward in the pursuit of our entrepreneurial dreams.”

Steve Cohen, Esq.
Devine Millimet

A Powerful and Candid Read

“A powerful and candid read about turning failure into success and showcasing what it takes to build a successful, sustainable company.”

Verne Harnish
Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

The $100M Journey is the Perfect Guide

“The best lessons learned are those born out of failure. The $100M Journey is the perfect guide for entrepreneurs to navigate the difficult challenges and create a path for success.”

Vince Pastore, CPA
Vince Pastore, CPA - Partner, HBK Advisors

The 100M Journey is a Must-Read

“If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business or an executive looking to scale your company, the $100M Journey is a must-read.”

Ted Ma
Leadership Strategist

Valuable Lessons, Real-Life Stories, and Important Strategies

 “This book is an essential read for any emerging business leader. It offers valuable lessons, real-life stories, and important strategies based on the author’s experience in growing multiple companies between $50M and $100M.” 

Jeffrey Unger
Founder and CEO of G2 Capital Advisors

Start Here, and Pay Attention

“John is a savvy entrepreneur, an intrepid adventurer, and a compelling storyteller. He has given us an inside look at the sometimes perilous and scary journey on the road of starting, growing, scaling, and ultimately conquering the mountain of the business visionary. If you want to grow your dream in the business sense, start here, and pay attention.”

Kellan Fluckiger
10x Amazon International Bestselling Author, Creator of "The Results Equation."

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